Board of Nursing Adopts HB 793 draft emergency regulations

At its September 18th meeting, the Board of Nursing voted 12-0 to adopt the HB 793 draft emergency regulations, as amended by the Board of Medicine at its August 3rd meeting. The Board of Nursing did not make any additional changes to the regulations. To view a copy of the updated emergency regulations, as passed, please click here. The regulations will now be reviewed by several state agencies before reaching the Governor’s desk for his signature. Per the law, the emergency regulations must be in place - and HB 793 take effect - by early January 2019.

Board of Medicine Amends HB 793 Regulations

The Virginia Board of Medicine convened and discussed the draft regulations for HB 793. Though the Committee of the Joint Boards and the Board of Nursing had both passed draft regulations that defined “five years of full-time experience” as 8,000 hours (an average of 1,600 hours/year) at their respective meetings, the Board of Medicine decided to amend the draft regulations, changing the definition of “five years of full-time experience” to 9,000 hours.

Governor Signs HB 793

Governor Northam signed HB 793 without further amendments, thereby decreasing barriers to practice for NPs throughout Virginia.